Kletzsch Park Public Meeting: Fish Passage, Dam Repair, Public Access & Safe Portage

Kletzsch Park Public Meeting:  Fish Passage, Dam Repair, Public Access & Safe Portage

Learn about an important river restoration project proposed for Kletzsch Park! This project is part of the larger Milwaukee River Estuary Area of Concern project. The Kletzsch Park project will help improve habitat and fish populations, and it will also solve portage safety concerns and create public access to the river.

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6.27 Meeting Highlights & Updates

Thanks to everyone who attended our latest Community Advisory Committee Meeting, or should we say....MILWAUKEE BLUE CREW meeting.


  • Voted to officially rename the Community Advisory Committee to Milwaukee Blue Crew in honor of Milwaukee’s hometown baseball team! (The Green Bay CAC has a similar spin on their name – the Clean Bay Backers!)

  • Voted to Remove the Aesthetics Impairment. Learn more about the Aesthetics Monitoring Program here. Removing this impairment is a big deal. Not only is it a measurable step forward towards de-listing our Milwaukee Area of Concern (AOC), but it shows the U.S. EPA that we are serious about this work to clean up our AOC, and worthy of priority status.

  • WDNR discussed upcoming restoration work designed to remove our fish and wildlife populations impairment. A Technical Advisory Committee convened by DNR has identified 21 projects that would need to be completed to restore this beneficial use to our waterways. In addition, DNR discussed the status of several projects identified to address the fish and wildlife habitat impairment, which are all in the pipeline and at various stages of planning and implementation.

  • A new facet of the Milwaukee Community Map on Google Earth features the history of Milwaukee’s AOC and highlights key projects. There is also a video tour of the AOC you can check out. Learn More.


Kletzsch Park Fish Passage: The project moves forward, but finding a site that meets all the sit constraings has been challenging. The project team heard the feedback from the public meeting earlier this year and has been working on incorporating public feedback and exploring alternatives:

  • A potential in-river option is being explored

  • The west bank nature-like fishway works from a technical perspective, but some have raised concerns regarding the loss of several trees and proposed access facilities.

  • The east bank nature-like fishway is being explored but the project team has not found a way to make a it work from a technical perspective.

An additional public informational meeting for Kletzsch will be held in the early Fall.

As we push forward in our efforts to make this AOC restoration work a priority, we look forward to revitalizing this community advisory committee and hope to engage new community members in this important work.

We are also updating our Milwaukee Blue Crew website to have more up-to-date information on AOC activities! We are hoping to hold quarterly meetings going forward.

Stay tuned for the next Milwaukee Blue Crew meeting date - coming soon!

Community Advisory Committee meeting on 6/27

Come learn about the progress being made to clean up the Milwaukee River Estuary Area of Concern, and exciting plans for future restoration and cleanup projects!

When: June 27th, 2019 | 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Where: UWM School of Freshwater Sciences, Room 3080


  • Introduce Brennan Dow, new Milwaukee AOC Coordinator for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

  • Discuss changes in AOC “Status” and important role of the Community Advisory Committee going forward

  • VOTE on new name—Milwaukee Blue Crew

  • VOTE on delisting of Aesthetics Impairment

  • Updates on identification of projects to benefit fish and wildlife populations

  • Other updates on habitat restoration and beach projects

  • Other feedback on AOC priorities