The Milwaukee Estuary Area of Concern (AOC) is guided by its Community Advisory Committee, or CAC. The intent is for the CAC to be a broad‐based, balanced, and diverse group representing public, private, and nonprofit sectors of the local community, with members from agriculture, construction, business, education, government, industry, environment, law, civic groups, and recreation interests. Membership is voluntary and open to anyone who wishes to participate. A CAC Leadership Team will be established to organize and guide the efforts of the CAC.

The CAC is representative of broad community interests in the AOC. The CAC is comprised of citizens who are concerned about their environment, especially their water resources, and who are knowledgeable or willing to become so to provide well‐informed opinions and perspectives on projects and activities in the AOC. CAC members are aware of their core objectives and roles to improve watershed health. The group will assure that delisting is meaningful and representative of the community at large. The group is committed to a diverse membership, not just “the choir.” A representative cross‐section of the community is needed to build community support for AOC projects and activities. Members must be willing and able to put in their time, and the CAC may need their involvement after delisting to achieve additional watershed health goals.

Eleven of the beneficial uses identified by the International Joint Commission are impaired or suspected to be impaired for the Milwaukee Estuary AOC. The full list is below, click on any individual impairment for further information, including listing and delisting guidelines as specified by the IJC: 

Click here for the Wisconsin DNR's BUI Summary, and here for the full Remedial Action Plan update.